" Bringing Brands to the Muslim   consumer in Real-time"

DailyBaraka is an online interactive platform that will provide information services to Muslim consumers on a one to one basis. Designed to give each user a unique and personalised service to complement and improve their lifestyle.

DailyBaraka will provide Halal manufacturers and Shariah compliant service providers with a strong, targeted and effective marketing medium giving them direct access to the Muslim consumer market.


DailyBaraka will focus on big data on a local and global basis to become  "The Source" of trusted information on Halal and Shariah compliant products and services as well as trends and demands of the Muslim consumer market.

DailyBaraka has been formed as the solution to recognised market needs in minority Muslim markets on a global basis.

DailyBaraka will have an independent Shariah Advisor to supervise its development and ensure the company adheres to Islamic laws and jurisprudence.

DailyBaraka will fulfil its duty to educate and give Zakat (charity) to organisations for the betterment of the poor and needy.

DailyBaraka is registered in England and is owned by its founding principal directors.


Connecting Brands and

the Muslim consumer in Real-time

The founding directors of DailyBaraka have supported the initial research and development of the company’s strategy, systems planning and formulation and will continue to manage and develop the company on an on-going basis.


DailyBaraka should be considered as a Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) internet marketing model due to the company’s interaction with manufacturers, service providers, Halal accreditation organisations and the consumer.

DailyBaraka’s head office will be based in London initially with approximately 835 sq. ft. of rented office space. Annual rental will be in the region of £19,440 (£1,620 per month) plus ancillary costs.


We estimate that this facility will accommodate up to 12 employees and will meet the company’s requirements for the first year.


The purchase of a suitable property at the end of year 1 is planned and a commercial mortgage will be utilised.

DailyBaraka will be an information provider and marketing medium serving as a conduit between Halal manufacturers and Shariah compliant service providers, retailers, accreditation organisations and the Muslim Consumer.

DailyBaraka will invest back into the regional communities… will educate with Islamic values… and will be an influence in the global standardisation of Halal and Shariah compliancy.

DailyBaraka is an online interactive platform for Shariah compliant brands, retailers and consumers. It has been designed to help engage and develop insights about your customers so that you know where to invest and how to deliver more of what your customers want.



" Giving brands direct access to the Muslim        consumer…"

" Giving the Muslim consumer direct access to

Halal and Shariah compliant brands."

DailyBaraka will provide Halal manufacturers and Shariah compliant service providers with a strong, targeted and effective marketing medium giving them direct access to the Muslim consumer market.

In a world of uncertainties of what is or isn’t Halal or Shariah compliant DailyBaraka will give Muslim consumers access to a multitude of accredited products and services at their fingertips and by doing so will increase their level of choice and quality of life.

DailyBaraka will give Halal brands and Shariah compliant services direct access to the Muslim consumer… on a one to one basis… and on a local and national level.


DailyBaraka's Market

Whilst DailyBaraka enjoys a unique positioning that enables us to follow a solus pricing policy our pricing strategy will be based on annual subscription rates that are competitive.

The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, as a service to our users we want to sign up as many subscribers as possible, and secondly, by maintaining our cost structure at a competitive level we will discourage competition from entering the market.



The only real way to grow sales and profits is to create innovative offerings with some “must haves” that define new categories or subcategories for which competitors are not relevant.

DailyBaraka offers that innovation in service, in marketplace and in audience benefits. DailyBaraka’s goal is to successfully introduce our services but also to create barriers that inhibit or prevent competitors from entering and becoming serious consumer options.

Proprietary technology. Other than that listed below DailyBaraka does not enjoy the benefits of proprietary technology as we are using tried and tested systems. Our main point of difference is our business model and how we are applying our technology. Much marketing thought, and experience has gone into developing a Modus Operandi which will, in itself, create a barrier to any operator having an easy entry into a new market.

Software. Proprietary software will enable DailyBaraka to be the first to have a service that will integrate with online shopping portals offered by major retailers and the first to have a ‘share shopping list between friends and family’ facility.

Ongoing innovation. Becoming a moving target as Apple did by following the iPod with products like the Nano, Shuffle, and iTouch. With DailyBaraka we are committed to ongoing innovation in terms of updating and upgrading consumer services and benefits to our manufacturing subscribers.

DailyBaraka will commence operations with a plethora of consumer and manufacturer services and benefits that have been developed over the past two years. At launch, the barriers to any competitors following DailyBaraka effectively will be substantial.

Scale. IKEA, Starbucks, eBay, and Apple’s iPod all have scale economies often based on ‘first mover’ status that provide ongoing competitive advantages. DailyBaraka will enjoy ‘first in the market’ status and our intention is to build scale from that position quickly and effectively to dominate the market and deter any competitive incursions.

Investment. A high investment protected brands like CNN and ESPN. The DailyBaraka website and App will, by virtue of the range of services, be sophisticated and highly developed. This will create an ‘investment’ barrier to anyone thinking of entering the market cheaply and quickly with basic services. Additionally, DailyBaraka will invest in a hard launch campaign program, developed by marketing and advertising professionals, that will establish the company as "The Leader" in Halal information and marketing.

Execution. We have already alluded to DailyBaraka’s executional strengths and unique range of services which we believe will more than meet the immediate and recognized need in the market from both consumers and manufacturers. Not only will our interactive website attract vast consumer  interest, but our unique App will provide an immediate and executional        barrier to competitive activity.

Brand networks. Supporting networks such as the Apple App suppliers and the Pampers’ links to organisations involved in raising babies can be  hard to duplicate. From DailyBaraka’s perspective our networks will be international. DailyBaraka’s links with global manufacturers, associations with accreditation agencies in countries where Halal products are exported to the UK and, most importantly, our relationships with manufacturers in marketing their products will strengthen the DailyBaraka network.

Customer involvement. Some brands can organise a community around the brand as Harley-Davidson has done with their Trip Planner. Others associate with a common interest such breast cancer research (Avon). DailyBaraka has, maybe, the strongest of all customer groups, the Muslim consumer. We have researched the Ummah and the potential for DailyBaraka’s CRM program and this is destined to become one of the main strengths of our operation and one of the biggest barriers to competitive activity.

Brand equity. Muji, Mars and Enterprise Rent-A-Car all have strong brands with visibility, associations, and a sense of authenticity. DailyBaraka will quickly establish its own brand identity based on the same attributes. A greater strength will be the level of trust which the Muslim consumer will  apply to our brand.

Brand loyalty. If a brand can capture the customers most likely to value the  “must haves” and can keep them involved and happy, competitors will be faced with less appealing segments on which to build a business. As stated before DailyBaraka’s aim is to capture the Muslim consumer quickly and ethically and to involve them in ongoing communication that will improve their breadth of choice and, in doing so, will improve their quality of life and gain their loyalty to the DailyBaraka brand.

Branded differentiators. A branded feature, service, program, or ingredient that will define a “must have” such as Oral B’s Action Cup, or Amazon’s OneClick can be owned by the firm. One of DailyBaraka’s strengths, and maybe it’s key and novel differentiator will be the App. which       will take our services ‘in store’ and engender spontaneous product trial and purchase.

Exemplar status. If the brand represents the category such as Hoover or Land Rover, then other brands will have a difficult time getting considered. Daily Baraka has no direct competitors extant and will therefore quickly establish itself as "The Source" for trustworthy information on what is or is not Halal. Thus, a barrier is created that will ensure that any new competitor will be seen as second best.

These barriers will inhibit competitors from getting traction, becoming visible, and being perceived as authentic or gaining credibility. As a result, they may remain weak players or even drop out very quickly. Even better, they may be discouraged from entering in the first place.

To paraphrase Bruce Henderson, the founder of BCG, “the essence of strategy is to convince competitors not to invest in areas of strategic importance to you.” It really is a different way to look at strategy. Don’t try to beat competition but, rather, make them irrelevant and discourage them from even competing.







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