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Swiss Finance Partners Group has been created by a team of dedicated professionals assembling years of experience in the field of international finance and bringing together such various and different competences than successful  asset-management, investment banking, corporate finance, traditional investment fund analysis, hedge funds analysis, private estate planning and international finance law.

We are an international company being active on a worldwide basis in the field of finance ranging from general investment advice; asset-management services to corporate finance, private equity to investment banking services dedicated to providing innovative and professional financial services to all kind of customers throughout the world.

Our philosophy is very simple as we aim to put the client's interests in top of everything else and aim to guarantee a high quality professional service with at the end a tailor-made solution to the clients needs without having any interference whatsoever in our decision process.


Through its highly qualified team coming from all corners of the financial world and bringing along with them years and years of experience; as well as its global presence in the main financial centers of the world;  Swiss Finance Partners is indeed in an exceptional position to deliver high quality services satisfying even the highest expectations.


Indeed being totally independent and privately owned allows our team to take decisions and to implement strategies only guided by the clients best interest without being submitted to any other element interfering in this decision process.

Our team & network are located in all of the main financial centers of the world meaning London; Geneva and New York and therefore close to the world financial markets as well as to our main financial partners. 

Even so being of small size compared to other international financial institutions; Swiss Finance Partners can rely on a global network of financial partners in the international financial community and therefore being in a position to always assure our clients the best possible solutions and service.

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