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A reverse merger is a simplified, fast-track method by which a private company can become a public company. A reverse merger occurs when a public company that has no business and usually limited assets acquires a private company with a viable business. The private company "reverse merges" into the already public company, which now becomes an entirely new operating entity and generally changes name to reflect the newly merged company's business.

The Network team of Swiss Finance Partners Group has assisted many corporate finance mandates successfully completed and many M & A transactions.

Our partners jointly work together with our customers on  acquisition, cooperation and divestment strategies as well as preparation and implementation of successful transactions.

Bridge loans are an effective vehicle to immediately capitalize on a purchase opportunity. It is a form of short-term financing which is expected to be paid back - generally within the range of 6 to 36 months - once the borrower obtains more permanent, lower cost financing.

Swiss Finance Partners Group

can offer a whole range of investor relationships management.

Indeed transparency, credibility and professionalism are essential cornerstones of effective financial & investor relations.

At Swiss Finance Partners Group we focus on improving the infrastructure of our customers' businesses and industries. The company's consulting capability is, therefore, key in determining and prioritizing which actions are essential to maximize growth strategies, recovery and maximize overall value.

In partnership with our partner companies, our professionals participate in every facet of the growth process of smaller companies looking to expand - from generating market liquidity and navigating securities law to providing senior management expertise.


Our focus is identifying, advising and locating financing for emerging market, small, mid and large market corporations.

Whether public or private, the cost of managing and maintaining a company in today's economy can quickly drain cash-flow or all in all cripple a corporation's revenue model and business plan. In addition, we also realize that even well established organizations can be in need of capital for expansion or short term bridges/refinancing.

We provide the expert financial consulting to find a funding solution through our comprehensive network of hedge funds, broker-dealers, capital consultants, private-equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial lenders. We develop a strong understanding of each of our portfolio companies, the entrepreneurs behind them, and provide expertise in securing financing throughout all stages of a company's growth and strategic development. 

Even so being of small size compared to other international financial institutions; Swiss Finance Partners can rely on a global network of financial partners the international financial community allowing young and midsize commercial companies looking for innovative ways to finance to find solutions such as for instance:

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