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The worldwide best juridictions to open an offshore company

Swiss Finance Partners Group offers Offshore companies with nominee service, virtual office and bank account quick, easy, affordable


Offshore companies are the preferred company structure to achieve anonymity and privacy protection, keep all business details confidential and combine all this with limited liability and tax exemption.


All companies we offer are fully legal and able to conduct their activities worldwide. It is realised today, that although the costs for an offshore incorporation may be higher than that to register a company in the US or the UK the long term benefits far outweigh this. Offshore companies do not have to pay sales tax nor income tax.


Due to the fact that there is no taxation there is no required accounting or auditing from authorities.

This means you save the costs of a CPA whilst at the same time gain the highest level of privacy protection. Your company may be dormant or it may generate millions in profit you will still not be required to forward information.

We offer the formation of offshore companies in all reputable jurisdictions. Our own local registered agents allow us to provide fast, efficient and professional services. The most recommended jurisdictions are:


  • Full incorporation for 2'990 Euro on the Seychelles

  • Full incorporation for 2'990 Euro in Belize

  • Full incorporation for 2'990 Euro in USA, Delaware

  • Full incorporation for 2'990 Euro in Panama

Those 4 jurisdictions, and especially the Seychelles, combine perfectly a stable legislation, solid government, highly competitive rates of only 990,- Euro and hassle free registration within 24 hours. When forming a company, prices should certainly not make the decision. Yet the services and professionalism our top 4 recommendations offer for their basic fees are superior to what is rendered elsewhere even if higher priced.

The companies we recommend are exempt from any kind of taxation, are empowered to conduct all types of business and may have clients, contractors, suppliers and employees from any country world wide. The registration requires just a minimum of information and is fully online. We are of course able to incorporate your company in all other offshore jurisdictions.


For more information click on the relevant country shown below. Our recommendations are highlighted. When making your selection be aware: the more famous a jurisdiction is, the more paperwork is required to incorporate.

The main advantages of offshore companies are:

  • anonymity

  • nominee services through lawyers

  • highest level of privacy protection

  • limited liability without any paid up capital requirement

  • legal tax exemption

  • no taxation on any kind of income

  • no accounting requirements

  • no reporting requirements

  • no accountants costs

  • no auditing

  • no requirements on profession or financial standing

  • business can be conducted internationally
    and many more

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