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About Private Equity


Private Equity is the common term used to refer to a specific type of long-term investment activity. Typically private equity firms take a controlling stake in companies with a view to transforming their performance over a number of years such that they can be sold at a premium to the acquisition price. The private equity investor will generally be represented on the board of the company so that they can actively support management in determining the strategic direction of the business.

Types of investment.

Private equity investments can be sub-divided according to the size of the company acquired, its development stage and the type of financing provided by the private equity firm. The funds we do offer are primarily involved in medium to large buy-outs. This means that they tend to acquire sizeable businesses with a long-standing trading history and a strong market position. In addition, private equity firms traditionally finance their acquisitions with a mix of equity, provided by their institutional investors, and debt.

Benefits of Private Equity

Private Equity ownership is recognised to offer a number of benefits, which stem from its long-term investment horizon and a governance structure which fully aligns management’s and shareholders’ interests for the long-term benefit of a company and its employees. 

We do offer a wide range of private equity investment funds which we do choose very carefully on a pre-arranged set strict of investment criteria.

These innovative co-mingled funds cover of range of investment strategies including European, US and Asian buyout and venture opportunities, special situations and secondaries.

However certain investors prefer to structure their private equity investments through a special purpose vehicle with a tailor made investment mandate.


Very selectively, we can accomodate such investment mandates, especially if the core strategy of the vehicle is to seek exposore to the private equity investments in which we are holding priority stakes.

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