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At  Swiss Finance Partners Group we believe that customer relationships are our most important assets and that nothing should come before the client's interest. That is why we put client advice, our client service and most importantly the trust between the client and our company at the forefront of our philosophy and that is why we tailor our services to meet your individual financial needs.

In our role of money managers and financial consultants we advise our private clients not only how to invest their savings, but as well how to subscribe to new equity issues or how to invest into mutual funds, managed accounts of all sorts; structured products, derivatives or hedge funds.

Advised portfolio management

The decision is yours

An advised portfolio management mandate is aimed at those who wish to take advantage of the skills and competencies of our experts while retaining their own decision-making power. In addition to our recommendations, this service grants you access to all of our studies, publications and database information in order to take well-informed decisions.

In this way, you will establish a privileged partnership with your manager, who in turn receives unwavering support from a team responsible for monitoring investments, providing telephone consultation and rapid and careful execution of orders.

As with discretionary portfolio management, advised portfolio management rests on the determination of your risk profile.



The company offers its professional advice and experience regarding all possible investment choices but only as long as it deems that they are really most appropriate for each specific client's need, appraising and assessing these choices dynamically by constantly monitoring the international markets.

But our services to do not stop by just advising clients on investment opportunities and vehicles as up-to-date asset-management techniques cannot ignore other aspects of modern estate planning, such as the formation of family trusts or the establishment of other legal entities.

We therefore work together in close collaboration with first-class international law firms to ensure that our clients will always receive the best possible solution for their needs.


As well as it is our aim to be our clients privileged partner we do offer a full range of services such as finding boarding schools for the kids, residential opportunities wherever the client may wish them to be or will assist our clients in whatever needs which might arise with respect to their estate planning, financial needs or day to day life.

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