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We are a stock holding company being active on a worldwide basis as a consultant in the field of finance ranging from general investment advice; asset-management services to corporate finance, private equity to investment banking services dedicated to providing innovative and professional financial services to all kind of customers throughout the world.

Our services are aimed as well as to the private investor as to an institutional clientele who is seeking a truly independent and tailor-made approach to their needs.

Through its unique network Swiss Private Partners can assist you in a truly one stop & shop approach in the opening or creation of :




Even so being of small size compared to other international financial institutions; Swiss Finance Partners Group can rely on a global network of financial partners in the international financial community allowing therefore young and midsize commercial companies looking for innovative ways to finance to find solutions such as for instance:

















Our focus is identifying, advising and locating financing possibilities for emerging market, small, mid and large market corporations.

We provide the expert financial consulting to find a funding solution through our comprehensive network of hedge funds, broker-dealers, capital consultants, private-equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial lenders.

We develop a strong understanding of each of our portfolio companies, the entrepreneurs behind them, and provide expertise in securing financing throughout all stages of a company's growth and strategic development.

Swiss Finance Partners Group is offering a wide variety of financial services, ranging indeed from General Investment Advice; Asset-Management to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Consulting Services dedicated to providing innovative, professional financial services.
Among many other services we specialize in the opening of investment or checking bank accounts in Switzerland, Europe, the UAE and USA for non- residents customers.

With recent legislation governments worldwide have achieved significantly more access to banking information.

We can establish a unique structure whereby the account is held in the name of a specially-formed offshore corporation, which is legally exempt from all taxes, bookkeeping, auditing or reporting.

We are indeed specialized in assisting with the opening of a variety of different accounts & relationships in many different financial institutions, commercial and private banks, especially in Switzerland and throughout the world.

In most cases, these accounts can be indeed delivered in only a couple of days right through to your doorstep without even having to come to Switzerland.

Swiss Finance Partners Group is not a bank and we do not take client funds on deposit.

Therefore, the client bears no counterparty risk with us, as all funds    stay in the client's account with his own bank and as all transactions are indeed made over the client’s account and not through us.

We are solely  authorzized by the management agreement to manage the portfolio, thus, to give buy and sell orders but not to transfer cash or assets.

Our custodian banks have been chosen carefully, the selection criteria being the organisation’s quality, a sound balance sheet and technical capacities.

Thanks to special agreements with these partners our clients benefit from reduced banking fees. Upon special request, we also manage   assets placed with other financial institutions than the ones belonging   to our network.

Together with the respective custodian bank we determine the qualified contact person ideally suited for our client. The client alone decides on his bank of confidence.   

Swiss Finance Partners Group offers consulting services in the field of wealth management  such as for instance :

Personal service from an advisor, who acts as your permanent contact and embodies our traditional qualities: friendliness, politeness, attentiveness, commitment, willingness to help and integrity.
Individual Services which take all aspects into account and are combined with wealth management solutions in line with individual needs, thus aspiring the successful development of your assets.
Investment solutions structured in line with the latest research findings.

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