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Swiss Finance Partners Group is proud to offer you services to take care of your most valued and cherished investments


Your Children

We take great care and pride in providing a completely tailored approach in helping your childrenachieve their educational goals and build foundations for their successful future.

Through our vast experience in the field of education we have acquired great expertise matched by our long standing direct relationships with leading educational establishments within the United Kingdom.
We differentiate ourselves by being a part of your family and taking complete care for your children from the point of initial consultation to the unforgettable moment of them achieving their educational goals.


Our Services are totally bespoke and individual including indeed:

1)     Evaluating your child’s educational needs.

2)     Providing advice on the various prestigious jurisdictions and their educational establishments.

3)     Accessing the current skills / qualifications of your children, depending on the desired educational goals.

4)     Advising and aiding with all the necessary steps to embark on a programme of their choice.

5)     Introduction and liaison with the chosen educational establishments.

6)     Preparation of all the necessary documentation and paperwork for the registration process.

7)     Full support in your children’s settlement into their new place of study; including arrangement of accommodation, transfers, necessary purchases etc.

8)     Full Guardianship responsibility- This is undoubtedly our most important role and most crucial responsibility. Every parent must be absolutely certain that their child is in good hands, that they are well looked after, have someone to turn to any time of day or night, know who will answer any questions which will arise during their time in UK, who will represent them at their school, who will meet them from the airport etc.


We offer the following core services to suit a non-exhaustive array of your educational requirements for your children:



  • Selection and enrolment to private primary schools (5-11 years)

  • Selection and enrolment to private secondary schools / colleges (13-18 years)

  • Selection and admission to Universities

  • Short and long term language schools and courses (summer vocational programmes, professional language courses etc).

  • Preparation and testing for an English language qualifications – IELTS, ESOL

  • One on one tuition

  • Providing a complete package for Educational Guardianship


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