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David Feldmann on Revers Mergers


Swiss Finance Partners Group  provides full  analysis and consultation services with respect to raise initial working capital for small to medium sized international companies through the process of going public either in the United States; UK or Germany for instance. 

Whether it is by the traditional IPO (Initial Purchase Offering), Self-Filing, Reverse Merger or otherwise, our consultation service can identify the correct path for you to succeed in your move to the public market.

A reverse merger is a simplified, fast-track method by which a private company can become a public company. A reverse merger occurs when a public company that has no business and usually limited assets acquires a private company with a viable business. The private company "reverse merges" into the already public company, which now becomes an entirely new operating entity and generally changes name to reflect the newly merged company's business. Reverse mergers are also commonly referred to as reverse takeovers, or RTO's.

Not only do we assist with taking your company public; but do assist as well in raising capital to help your company expand and grow. We focus on building long lasting relationships with our clients through the many stages of growth.

 If your company does not already do so; we provide investor relations services to your firm. This is indeed key for a public company  in order to get the story out and keep current shareholders updated and fully informed at all times. 

Our full service market plan will assure that no step is missed and all of your needs are met in a one stop and shop process in which we organize indeed the whole process together with our different specialized services providers in all relevant segments and countries.

We are here to assist and consult with your company though the entire process of a going public. We know each company is different that is why we are here to support your company with our full team of seasoned professionals in the public arena to make this process cost effective and in a timely manner.

We provide the following services:



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