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Swiss Finance Partners Group is active on a worldwide basis as a consultant in the field of finance ranging from general investment advice; asset-management services to corporate finance, private equity to investment banking services dedicated to providing innovative and professional financial services to all kind of customers.

We are offering a wide variety of financial services, ranging indeed from General Investment Advice; Asset-Management to Corporate Finance and Investment Banking Consulting Services dedicated to providing innovative, professional financial services.

We focus on improving the infrastructure of our customers' businesses and industries. The company's consulting capability is, therefore, key in determining and prioritizing which actions are essential to maximize growth strategies, recovery and maximize overall value.

We are indeed specialized in creating a variety of different companies and legal structures in many different jurisdictions throughout the world.

In most cases, these companies can be delivered indeed in a couple of days right through to your very own doorstep without even having to come to Switzerland.

    Private Equity

Swiss Finance Partners Group offers institutional and private investors the opportunity to invest in a broadly diversified private equity portfolio within a simple legal and tax optimized structure.

On the other side we do give smaller sized or young startup companies the opportunity to access capital through private equity financing techniques.

We do offer affluent private clients comprehensive wealth management services.

We focus on individualized service via personal advisors. If your specific needs demand it, your advisor may consult with other specialists in our network.

Whether your goal is asset growth, wealth preservation or legacy issues, your advisor can call on the support of a broad range of investment products and services.

Swiss Finance Partners Group offers many special services such as:

Educational services for their children

Real estate services for their private home or investment purposes

Special services related to the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship program.

Our services are aimed as well as to the private investor as to an institutional clientele who is seeking a truly independent and tailor-made approach to their needs.

Through its unique network Swiss Private Partners Group can assist you in a truly one stop & shop approach in the opening or creation of :



Through its highly qualified team coming from all corners of the financial world and bringing along with them years and years of experience; as well as its global presence in the main financial centers of the world;  Swiss Finance Partners is indeed in an exceptional position to deliver high quality services satisfying even the highest expectations.


Even so being of small size compared to other international financial institutions we can rely on a global network of financial partners in the international financial community allowing therefore young and midsize commercial companies looking for innovative ways to finance to find solutions such as for instance:



Our focus is identifying, advising and locating financing possibilities for emerging market, small, mid and large market corporations.

We provide the expert financial consulting to find a funding solution through our comprehensive network of hedge funds, broker-dealers, capital consultants, private-equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial lenders.

We develop a strong understanding of each of our portfolio companies, the entrepreneurs behind them, and provide expertise in securing financing throughout all stages of a company's growth and strategic development. 

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