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Investment Funds


Our Group's expertise in collective investment products covers all asset classes and all management strategies: equities, fixed income, mixed assets, property, commodities, quantitative funds, funds of long-only funds, funds of hedge funds, structured products, alternative management and private equity.


 With our client-focused commitment and our open-architecture approach, a broad selection of all kind of third-party investment fund products suited to a variety of strategies are available and offered to our clients:

  • Thematic Funds

  • Sustainable Funds

  • Alternative Investment Funds

  • Absolute Return Funds

  • Equity and Bond Funds


Our fund specialists also provide portfolio advice and offer clients a wide selection of fund investments from reputable asset managers.


Alternative Investments

Hedge Funds

Our group of funds are able to meet the demands of institutional investors while incorporating the know-how required in customized portfolio management. In 1992 we pioneered funds of hedge funds, a revolutionary management segment.

Our partners were the pioneers of Funds of Hedge Funds. Since 1968 they have been recognized as a consistent performer largely due to its rigorous selection of underlying managers and the expertise that it has amassed as the hedge fund universe has grown.


We can indeed provide direct access to all group funds within all of the major financial groups and market segments.

Our investment advisors are familiar with all the pros and cons as well as the opportunities and risks of the various products. We would be pleased to advise you on a selection of structured products tailored to your situation.


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