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Our Intl.Yachting Services

Superyachts are sophisticated, complex vessels and with rapid technological developments and subject to frequent regulatory changes.

To assist our clients and yacht owners to manage their superyachts efficiently our Yachting Specialists offer a comprehensive package of yacht ownership and fiduciary solutions, from international yacht registration, management, administration and crew payroll, to structuring ownership that maximises operational facilities and minimises tax liabilities.


Our yachting specialist, also oversees every aspect of the yacht’s day to day and long term administration.

With in-house specialist expertise our yachting specialist is in a unique position to deliver a tailored solution that not only matches the owner’s requirements, but is of vital assistance to the captain and their crew.

As part of the Swiss Finance Partners group of companies, the services of the yachting specialist can be integrated with those of other companies within this dynamic organisation including tax planning, financing solutions, fiduciary services and interior design.


Yacht Ownership Structures

Our yachting specialist can advise and create tailored ownership structures that are both tax efficient and able to achieve maximum operational efficiencies. They can also assist with:

  • Providing VAT advice on both commercial and private yacht ownership

  • Structuring solutions for asset protection in a variety of recognised jurisdictions

  • Advising on acquisitions and sales

  • Advising on the general tax ramifications of ownership

Yacht Registration & Isle of Man

A key decision that has to be made by owners prior to enjoying the new yacht is the choice of Flag and Registry. Our yachting specialist can register both commercial and private yachts with all internationally recognized ship registries.

Our yachting specialist is approved by the Isle of Man Ship Registry as a Representative Person. The Isle of Man Registry has built a reputation as one of the world’s most prestigious flag states with a can do attitude, offering the very sought after and internationally recognised red ensign flag.


EU Yacht Importation

Our yachting specialist can assist owners with the EU importation of their commercially registered yachts. Yachting services also extend to assisting owners with full and temporary importation of their private vessels, if the qualifying criteria is achieved.

Yacht Management & Administration

Their yachting service aims to remove the administrative burden from yacht owners and covers all aspects of yacht management and administration, which can be tailored according to the level of assistance required by owners and their captains.

Other services provided through our yachting Specialist include:

  • Crew payroll

  • Surveying

  • Technical Services

  • Insurance

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Swiss Finance Partners Group Ltd.


Alfa Nero Superyacht

The yacht that broke the mould, Alfa Nero is an icon in the superyacht community and an 82-metre luxury masterpiece with global charter appeal.


It brought new style to the water in 2007 alongside a world of design solutions which changed the game entirely for the luxury yacht experience. Her distinctive profile is not only a work of art, but a result of innovative breakthroughs; such as extending the giant beach club across the aft deck and placing an infinity pool on board (which also transforms into a helipad for stylish arrivals).


The modern exterior style, still ahead of the curve even today, is a major hint at what lies within; offering up to 12 guests on board ample space through a beam of 14.2-metres and a remarkable decor. The Owner’s residence, a huge amount of space set aside on the Upper Deck, is built with two entrances, an office, dressing area, Jacuzzi, steam shower and easy access to the private patio and balcony, facing aft to enjoy a sanctuary of solitude while the water ebbs away behind the boat.

For all sale and charter enquiries :

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