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The worldwide best juridictions to open an offshore bank account

Our account opening service offshore banking offers feature rich business checking accounts.

Depending on the jurisdiction and your business the accounts offer internet banking, multi currency services, cheques, letters of credit and VISA cards with a daily limit of 10.000,- Euro to withdraw cash at any ATM worldwide. There is no check on your credit history.

If ordered in combination with an offshore company as outlined below our fees for an offshore account are 390,- Euro.

  • New Zealand 1'490,- Euro

  • Cyprus 1'490,- Euro

  • Dominica 1'490,- Euro

  • Dubai 1'490,- Euro

  • Isle of Man 1'490,- Euro

  • Latvia 1'490,- Euro

  • Panama 1'490,- Euro

  • Seychelles 1'490,- Euro

  • St. Vincent 1'490,- Euro

With recent legislation governments worldwide have achieved significantly more access to banking information.


We can establish a unique structure whereby the account is held in the name of a specially-formed offshore corporation, which is legally exempt from all taxes, bookkeeping, auditing or reporting.

Having an offshore company as official account holder is a crucial point. Opening a foreign account under a private name would not cease your obligation to list it in your tax declaration. You could simply "forget" to declare it and hope nobody finds out - but it is clearly tax evasion and some risk of exposure will always remain.

The offshore company by its nature does not have to pay any taxes. Therefore, having the company filed as account holder you can honestly state you are not owning any overseas accounts whilst the actual control over the account is solely with you.

We especially recommend for instance the islands of the Seychelles for a company formation. You can also order only the account opening service without a company registration. In that case the account opening service is quoted at 1490,- Euro.

For fastest service we recommend the offshore banking, New Zealand.

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