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Swiss Finance Partners Group does offer affluent private clients a range of special services such as:

  • Educational services for their children

  • Real estate services for their private home or investment purposes

  • Special services related to the St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship programme

We focus on individualized service via our personal advisors and if your specific needs demand it, your advisor may consult with other specialists in our network.

Whatever might be your special request with respect to the above named services;  your advisor can call on the support of a broad range of investment products and services. 

Through its highly qualified team coming from all corners of the the world and bringing along with them years and years of experience; as well as its global presence ; Swiss Finance Partners is indeed in an exceptional position to deliver high quality services satisfying even the highest expectations in fields such as :

  • Finding a boarding school or university for your children...

  • Finding a residency, second home, office or property to invest in...

  • Giving access to one of the most convenient citizenship programmes of the world...

Our partners in these fields have been chosen carefully, the selection criteria being the organisation’s quality, predominant position in its field and of course professional capacities and reputation.


Thanks to our special agreements with these partners our clients benefit from reduced fees and individual care taking by all of our partners.

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