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Discretionary Portfolio Management

Your assets in good hands

Discretionary portfolio management allows you to delegate your investment decisions to a portfolio manager.

Your portfolio manager will work alongside you to establish those strategies which best suit your profile and undertake the allocation of your assets (shares, securities, raw materials and other financial instruments on the money markets). This portfolio manager will subsequently apply the investment policy of our House, based on a thorough and detailed analysis of the economic and financial environment.




Achieving a competitive advantage

The asset management industry of today is marked by increased competition and growing customer demands for transparency – all set against the backdrop of a volatile market. As firms grapple with business issues such as product innovation, evolving fee structure and industry consolidation, they also find themselves needing to devote more time than ever to managing regulatory demands.

Our global reach

Our Global Asset Management Group helps you navigate these challenges by bringing together the ideas from many professionals around the world. The result is seamless, high-quality service, wherever you’re located.

Our insight

Turn to us for a clear perspective on issues that affect the asset management industry. Our wealth of knowledge helps you retain and grow assets, enhance investment performance, mitigate risk and respond to regulatory changes.


At  Swiss Finance Partners we believe indeed that customer relationships are our most important assets and that nothing should come before the client's interest. That is why we put client advice, our client service and most importantly the trust between the client and our company at the forefront of our philosophy and that is why we tailor our services to meet your individual financial needs.

Asset Management

Swiss Finance Partners Group does offer affluent private clients comprehensive wealth management services.

We focus on individualized service via personal advisors. If your specific needs demand it, your advisor may consult with other specialists in our network.

Whether your goal is asset growth, wealth preservation or legacy issues, your advisor can call on the support of a broad range of investment products and services.

We manage or supervise the management for accounts for private and institutional clients with various reputable, well known Swiss banks.
A mandate is assigned to Swiss Finance Partners, which allows us to act on behalf of the clients, according to individual, personalized investment strategies. The account is always in the name of the client and accessible to him at any time.

Investment decisions are mainly based on fundamental as well as on technical analysis. From our custodian banks and brokers we receive a variety of research, economic, financial and market data and information, which is also available to our clients. Our investment policy is long-term oriented.

Independency, professionalism going along with long-term global experience help us to serve our clients personally according to their needs and requirements.

Based on specific Swiss banking law, no information can be disclosed about our clients.


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