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Swiss Finance Partners Group

can offer a whole range of investor relationships management.

Indeed transparency, credibility and professionalism are essential cornerstones of effective financial & investor relations.

The core tasks in this area include the systematic management of relationships between a company and its shareholders, as well as facilitating communication by financial institutions to private and professional investors. 


In an increasingly complex world, the demands placed on businesses by investors, stock exchanges, and regulatory authorities are growing.

This in turn makes company relationships with stakeholders even more challenging to manage.

We supports our clients in all areas of investor relations, ranging from the development of equity stories, the organization of road shows and general meetings, to the conception, editorial management and production of a variety of financial publications.

Corporate Publishing

We develop and employ a variety of media in the area of corporate publishing. The selected instruments are intended to provide information to our clients’ internal and external stakeholders, and are precisely matched to their needs. Typical examples here are company brochures and customer magazines.


Product PR

Product public relations involves the use of PR tools to support marketing communication. This means that it’s not the advertising message which is at the forefront, but rather objective and factual information about a product or a service.


We can assist to develop the right approach for imparting knowledge and building trust among its client’s target groups.

Event Organization

The professional organization of events requires targeted and systematic planning. From the conception of the event, to catering and the venue, from the recruitment of the moderator and appropriate speakers, to the formulation and design of the invitations. We covers all aspects.


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