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Innovative Financing Solutions

We can assist you in structuring bespoke financing solutions on a covered basis to meet your individual financing needs as effectively as possible within the constraints of our risk policy.

Our financing experts have many years of experience in international financing. We will be happy to arrange a personal consultation to determine what your financing needs are. Covered financing requires collateral in the form of assets that can easily be realised, e.g.:


  • Account balances

  • Tradable securities

  • Other liquid investment instruments traded on an exchange

  • Life insurance policies with redemption value


Other assets may be selectively considered. We offer our clients special financing as part of a comprehensive wealth management and advisory package

Lombard loan: make the most of your portfolio


We will be happy to assist you to profit from additional investment opportunities on favourable terms without having to sell any of your asset.

On your request, we will assist you to obtain a variable credit limit that you can use at any time to cover securities purchases or your liquidity needs.

The maximum credit limit is determined by the lending value of the securities pledged as collateral as calculated by the Bank.

The lending value is calculated from the sum of the pledged assets on the basis of their quality, composition (diversification) and tradability.

Low interest rates are possible for drawdowns in the form of  fixed advances

Lombard loans open up new opportunities, but they also involve risks. Your investment profile is the decisive factor. Discuss your Lombard loan options with your client advisor.

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