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        Private Equity: good or bad ?

Start-Up Financing

Our Approach

We believe a period of private equity ownership can be an effective way to strengthen a company’s long-term prospects and help it reach its full potential.


Working closely with the businesses owned by our network of investors can be especially valuable in challenging times when there is a particularly pressing need for focus and clarity of purpose.

Our network of professionals, with their wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, have the sector expertise and experience to work with the management and staff of the funds’ portfolio companies to contribute real value to the decision-making process.

Our international network of offices also helps support the global ambitions of the businesses owned by our funds as they look to enter new markets, find acquisition targets or develop new customer and supplier relationships.

Our funds' investments provide them with access to the financial resources they need to invest and grow. We believe this is a powerful combination of knowledge, network and capital that can bring real benefits to businesses as they look to develop and thrive.


Relationships with Third Party Investors

Our professionals represent the interests of third party investors and monitor the ongoing performance of the funds’ investee companies, providing support and advice when necessary.

The status of our investee companies is regularly assessed by the relevant Investment Committee and General partners.

Conflicts of Interest

We have in place internal policies and guidelines which seek to reduce the instances when conflicts of interest arise and address conflicts that do arise in a way that protects and deals fairly with the interests of all those involved.

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