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​Our Loan Programs & Structures

We assist in structuring a variety of loan programs designed to help small and mid-sized businesses improve their cash flow and our team of experienced finance professionals helps to develop a creative financing solution specific to each client’s unique business and funding needs.


                 Our loan programs include:


Purchase Order Financing – allows you to use your client’s order as collateral for a loan.  You can receive up to 100% of the cost to manufacture and ship your product.

Contract Financing – use a signed contract payment with stipulated sum or guaranteed payments as collateral for a loan.  You can borrow the entire cost to complete the work.

Custom Line of Credit – borrow using inventory, assets or other items of value, as collateral.  Based on the value of the collateral, you can gain access to funds to use for your business needs.

Project Financing – the alternative to equity financing.  When you need additional capital to grow your business and do not want to give up ownership in exchange for capital. These flexible loan options provide an alternative to traditional bank loans.


Financing Loan

Similar to Contract Financing, Project Financing provides access to working capital and commercial lending by using the proceeds from an upcoming project or an event as collateral.  

The difference, however, between Project Financing and Contract Financing is that Project Financing relies on progress payments being made throughout the term of the project while Contract Financing is paid in a lump sum.

Project Financing creates an innovative capital structure, which provides a company with the benefits of a traditional loan, but with more flexible underwriting requirements.


Many companies that may not qualify for traditional commercial loans are able to receive Project Financing.


Customer Contract Financing

Contract Financing is an opportunity for companies to access working capital by using the proceeds from an in-progress or upcoming project as collateral for a loan.


Unlike traditional business lending, Contract Financing loans are underwritten based on the characteristics and value of the contract that the business is borrowing against, rather than the companies credit history.

This allows new companies that have not established credit, or companies with impaired credit to obtain commercial financing.


Contract Financing can be an important liquidity tool for new or rapidly growing companies that are unable to obtain traditional commercial financing.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing offers an opportunity for companies to access capital to complete more orders.

Purchase Order Financing is simple. Your company receives an order from a customer, but lacks all or part of the funds necessary to complete the order.

Purchase Order Financing allows you to use the customer’s order as collateral for a loan of up to 100% of the cost to manufacture and ship the product. Loan approval typically takes less than a week.

A Purchase Order loan can give your company the liquidity it needs to accept and complete the order, rather than having to turn it down because the company does not have sufficient liquidity.


Line of Credit

Custom lines of credit (CLOC) are a great option if you need short-term working capital to purchase goods or services for business purposes.  


If your business has inventory, assets or other items of value, then you are eligible for a CLOC.  Based on the value of your collateral, you can receive access to funds to use with the flexibility of your business needs. 

Many types of companies in various industries can benefit from borrowing using a CLOC. 


Manufacturers, wholesalers, resellers, distributors, importers, and sales representatives are just a few of the types of businesses using custom lines of credit to help improve their cash flow.


And best of all, it takes less than a week to be approved.

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