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DailyBaraka “ Connecting Brands and the Muslim Consumer in Real-time “


May 1, 2020 Swiss Finance Partners Group

“ Connecting Brands and the Muslim Consumer in Real-time “

Swiss Finance Partners Group is pleased to announce that it has been chosen by "DailyBaraka", one of the most promising young Startups in 2020, to arrange its initial round of financing through its network of private equity investors.

DailyBaraka is an interactive platform and mobile phone application to bring Shariah compliant brands, retailers and consumers together.

In a world of uncertainties of what is or isn’t Halal or Shariah compliant DailyBaraka will give Muslim consumers not only access to a multitude of accredited products and services at their fingertips, but above all will do it by giving the consumer the immediate security to buy the right products; and by doing so will increase their level of choice and quality of life.

It has been designed to help engage consumers & producers, as well as to develop insights about consumers so to advice producers where to invest and how to deliver more of what consumers want.

" Giving brands direct access to the Muslim consumer…"

" Giving the Muslim consumer direct access to Halal and Shariah compliant brands."

DailyBaraka will provide Halal manufacturers and Shariah compliant service providers with a strong, targeted and effective marketing medium giving them direct access to the Muslim consumer market.

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