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In 2021 SFP Group will continue to grow organically through the addition of new team members

Even after a challenging year 2020 for the financial industry; Swiss Finance Partners Group is forecasting a substantial organic growth of its activities through hiring additional team members throughout the year 2021 to serve its international clientele of high net worth individuals & midsize corporations throughout the world.

The group is active on a worldwide basis as a consultant in the field of finance ranging from general investment advice; asset-management services to corporate finance, private equity to investment banking services dedicated to providing innovative and professional financial services to private and commercial customers.

Even so being of small size compared to other international financial institutions SFP Group can indeed rely on a global network of financial partners in the international financial community allowing therefore young and midsize commercial companies looking for innovative ways to finance to find solutions.

In the commercial segment, the group's focus is on identifying, advising and locating financing possibilities for emerging market, small, mid and large market corporations. It provides the expert financial consulting to find a funding solution through a vast network of hedge funds, broker-dealers, capital consultants, private-equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial lenders.


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