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The Regression

How much will you recall ?

A Film by Sagher A. Manchanda

The Regression is a psychological thriller, a genre less explored by the likes of Indian cinema. The story delves into its protagonist’s mind like none other and brings the unexpected to light in a completely enthralling and twisted consequence. The main USP of the project is that the concept and story are unique in the real sense of the word, and are sure to garner maximum viewership and favorable reviews.

The protagonist plays two personalities in two different stories merged into one. The viewers experience this duality in two timelines of the story running in concomitance - Real & Subconscious.

No cheesy songs, flashy cars, physics-defying stunts, objectification of women, etc.

The Regression offers an intriguing storyline that leads viewers towards a completely unpredictable climax, leaving them flabbergasted as they walk out of the screens. The memory of the movie will stay with them solely because of its content.

The Regression is not just a film project. It aims to redefine how films are made and stories are told in Indian films.

It aims to put Indian cinema on the map of the world for its content, unlike the past where Indian cinema was known only for its colorful songs.

The Story

A hardworking IT professional undergoes the past life regression therapy to convalesce from the grief of his divorce, and ends up losing control of his mind.

NITIN JHA (36), a diligent yet repressive,committed yet shy IT

professional had it all - a decent job, the wife he’d wished for, and a happy life.

However, his wife Rachna ends up carrying an intrigue with an old colleague, Tarun, who works together with her and Nitin.

The couple thus end their marriage in bitterness. After the divorce, Nitin’s life becomes a mere phase of regression wherein he loses his wife, his job, his reputation friends in rapid succession.

Nitin becomes completely reclusive until his wolf-in-a-sheepskin friend,

Junaid, recommends him to try the past life regression therapy in order to convalesce from the grief.

However, things only worsen for Nitin as he starts seeing visuals (people) from a supposed “previous life”.

Nitin is thus caught in a quagmire when his solitude and hallucinations create a havoc in his life. He starts doubting his own existence and reality and is led into a state of shock when the truth that he seeks is revealed to him.

Read more... (please use the password: the regression)


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